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For example the date("m") will return the month's number 01-12.If we were to run our new script just after the 2010 Winter Olympics our display would look like: If you would rather download the PDF of this tutorial, check out our PHP e Book from the store.I am receiving error while trying to run bulkinsert command given below BULK INSERT dbo.RAMPUP_DAILYTXN_SEP08 FROM ‘C:\RAMPUP_TEST.txt’ WITH (FIELDTERMINATOR = ‘|’)but receives error Msg 4864, Level 16, State 1, Line 1 Bulk load data conversion error (type mismatch or invalid character for the specified codepage) for row 1, column 2 (TRANSACTION_DATE)could you please advise on how to insert yyyy-mm-dd data from file to table in sqlthanksnutty Hi.

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Stata provides functions to convert dates into elapsed dates, formats to print elapsed dates in understandable forms, and other functions to manipulate elapsed dates. mdy() takes three numeric arguments — month, day, year — and returns the corresponding elapsed date.

Kindly do the needfuli have a table emp,in emp table i have a column hiredate, i want to display all records but result should be in “dd/mmm/yyyy” format in hiredate column….

how it can be possible,pls provide solution……………Hi Pinal, I have a query regarding datetime inputs to SQL SERVER.

This example uses the mktime function to create a timestamp for tomorrow.

To go one day in the future we simply add one to the day argument of mktime.

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