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If you believe you have reached this page in error you can try goingback to the home page or you may contact the JLA FORUMS Admin Teamat either: Email: [email protected] Live Chat: Be sure to state that you received error number 0859.Colby Donaldson was born on Monday, April 1st, 1974 and is currently 44 years old.Since it was launched over 20 years ago, the website has compiled the etymology and meaning of more than 20,000 names.If you want a common name for your child, you can check the website’s rankings of the most popular names in any given year and country.He’d copy the information down in a notebook and transfer it onto his site, which saw about 60 daily views.“I’d like to think things have gotten a bit more sophisticated since then,” he said with a laugh.With that information, my dad could’ve made a compelling case for why Travis is the better of the two names.

Ashton, significantly less common, was ranked 548th in the US.Plus, visitors can look up surnames on the site — in case there’s a debate about whose name to take when married or which surname to pass along to a son or daughter.“Picking a name is important because your child is going to bear it for a lifetime,” said Mike Campbell, Founder of Behind the Name.In 1999, he changed the domain to Behind The, which established itself as an authority on the subject of names.Today, Mike and his wife Tara co-own the site and maintain an extensive collection of over 20,000 names.

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