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“It’s important to find a name you like — you don’t want to have regrets.” Behind the Name’s audience skews female, with a definite youthful bent. People can come to this site for a number of reasons.Maybe you’re a romantic wondering what your crush’s name means or maybe you’re a writer looking for an evocative name for a character in a story.He’d copy the information down in a notebook and transfer it onto his site, which saw about 60 daily views.“I’d like to think things have gotten a bit more sophisticated since then,” he said with a laugh.If you want a name with a good track record, you can refer to the Namesakes section, which lists the names of historical figures, literary characters, famous athletes, and other notable people.

If you don’t find a certain name on the site, you can submit a given name here.The college student created a website called “The Etymology of First Names” in his free time.“It was only a hobby at first, an experiment really, because I had just learned HTML, and I wanted to practice,” he recalled. I just learned along the way.” For about three years, Mike trekked to his school’s library to look up the meanings of names from reference books.In 1999, he changed the domain to Behind The, which established itself as an authority on the subject of names.Today, Mike and his wife Tara co-own the site and maintain an extensive collection of over 20,000 names.

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