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(See the writer's "Étude des versions coptes de la Bible" in "Rev. In this the learned curator of the Rainer collection gives us some very important fragments of the Psalms, among which are twenty-four leaves of a papyrus codex containing once the whole Psalter both in Greek and Sahidic on opposite pages, and shorter fragments of two other bilingual parchment manuscripts of the Psalms, and other parchment fragments in Sahidic only. (5) The latter volume of Wessely contains also several fragments of the Old Testament in Sahidic, along with some Psalms in Greek only. 5, 15, 44, 19, 20, 40, 43, 45, 46, 47, 53, 51, 52, 56, 59, and 14 of Crum's "Catalogue of the Coptic Manuscripts in the British Museum" (London, 1905). The author identifies the fragments scattered throughout Europe which belonged once to the same codices as the thirty-two Borgian fragments. In this masterpiece of patient scholarship, the author (whose name does not appear on the title page), Rev.

bibl." (1896-7) for a fuller account of the Boharic material and in the case of the other three versions for an account up to that date. The Sahidic Version Of this version until recently we had almost nothing but fragments, representing several hundred manuscripts, chiefly from the monastery of Amba Shnudah (Shenoute) near Sohag province of Akhmim, generally known as the "White Monastery". Another bilingual fragment of the Psalms, from the same collection, was published by Wessely in his "Griechische u. (6) "Textes de l'ancien testament en copte sahidique" by Pierre Lacau in "Recueil de travaux relatifs a la philologie et a l'archeologie egyptiennes et assyriennes", XXIII (Paris, 1901). (8) "Sahidische Bibel-Fragmente aus dem British Museum zu London I and II" in "Sitzungsberichte der kai. We are informed that this work of identification will be extended to the other fragments of the whole Monastery outside of the Borgian collection. New Testament (1) "Sacrorum bibliorum fragmenta copto-sahidica musaei Borgiani, vol. George Horner, has succeeded in reconstructing the whole of the Four Gospels (a few verses excepted) out of 744 fragments scattered throughout the public and private collections of the world.

Life on board a yacht in the Atlantic and was outlined to Rotarians at a joint meeting of three clubs.

All of them are now incomplete, but there is hardly any reason to doubt that they once existed in their entirety.It was necessary to undertake a month’s training, and complete each individual section, before being permitted to take part.It was only on successfully completing the training that a member was allowed to join the70ft UNICEF yacht.The carpet of spring bulbs is not only a joyous introduction to Easter, but equally important a mark that polio is being conquered throughout the world.The purple crocus represents the purple dye which is put on the finger of every child immunised against polio with Rotary International targeting to rid the world of this disease.

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