Carbon 14 dating paper

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This occurrence can make the samples seem younger than their true age.

The degree of contamination affects the magnitude of the inaccuracy in the carbon 14 dating results.

Physical pretreatment usually involves the removal of rootlets that intruded on the sample using tweezers or forceps.

This is a straightforward method for most samples sent to carbon dating labs except for peat samples that have been dried where the rootlets may not be easily distinguished from the rest of the sample.

A dental drill or a carborundum paper is used in the pretreatment of shell exteriors.

Learn More The occurrence of contamination can be natural or artificial.Another example of a natural contaminant is plant root penetration on wood, charcoal, or soil.Artificial contamination refers to the introduction of contaminants by man during the collection, field conservation, or packaging of the samples.The effect of these organic acids on the sample, whether they would make the sample older or younger, depends on the age of their original organism.When roots of plants penetrate wood, charcoal, soil, or bones, modern carbon is already introduced to them.

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