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And the reason why Ichigo is living with them is because his dad wanted to.The reason why his dad wanted it is because he didn't like it how his son was back at Karakura.When he told his friends about this, they all had a different reaction.But at the end, they've all agreed that this may be the best thing to they can do for Ichigo.''Damn, voicemail.'' Ichigo said in an irritated tone as he then placed his phone inside the pocket of his pants.

Since Ichigo doesn't live in the same house as them anymore, makes it pretty normal to call them once in a while.Karin and Yuzu had a hard time accepting that their big brother would leave their home, especially Yuzu.But after a long time of talking about why he has to leave the house, they've finally decided to let him go.Accepting the offer of his father, Ichigo's live was about to change again.Ichigo x harem[Itsuka's Residence]Currently, sitting on the couch was an orange-haired teen with brown eyes that seems to be calling someone.

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