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A site created and dedicated in providing up-to-date information, insight, advice and suggestions on non-prejudiced, gay friendly bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and much more that are available for gay and lesbian citizens in our community as well as tourists who wish to visit our lovely little City of Reading, Pennsylvania.

GLBT Operated GLBT Owned Trainings and Presentations on GLBT issues, publisher of the Valley Gay Press and home of the GLBT Infoline, bringing you the website "," presents the PDN Photo Project - 200 Same-sex Couples: Facing Inequality and many other events and programs. Return to the home page to see information on all of PDN'S programs or... We provide one-on-one peer support for parents, families and friends.

Mostly Trangender GLBT-Friendly PA Diversity VERIFIED GLBT Friendly *************************************************** Silent Witnesses of Central PA (SWPA) is an organization of gay and straight allies dedicated to helping the GLBT community have safe and peaceful events by providing a non-confrontational buffer between participants in GLBT events and those who would condemn them.

We provide visual protection from \"street preachers\" and protesters at events such as Pridefests, the showing of films such as Jim in Bold, or staging of plays such as The Laramie Project, using our bodies and rainbow umbrellas as shields.

We usually meet once a month in fun social setting. Join this group for an affirming, confidential experience of community and support!The Central Pennsylvania Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce believes that diversity is a goal that can never be considered fully achieved in the business community.CPGLCC works to support diversity and assist Central Pennsylvania’s business community in pursuit of an ideal workplace, marketplace, industry and region.PA Diversity VERIFIED GLBT Friendly Interweave Continental had a visible presence at the recent Unitarian Universalist Association's General Assembly (GA) in Ft. During GA, Interweave hosted an annual banquet with a presentation of the Mark De Wolfe award celebrating longtime outstanding achievement in queer activism.Interweave's winning sermon was delivered to much applause. Amy Zucker Morgenstern for her sermon, How to Be a Great Ally (available online).

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