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Now convinced his plan was a good one, Gerry un-did the top button and forcefully yanked the shorts and that brightly coloured underwear halfway down his legs, exposing Gerrard’s arse. But he was tired of the games everyone in LA wanted to play.

He eased Gerrard’s buttocks cheeks apart – and was rewarded with another happy moan.

But somehow on this guy it seemed perfect and he seemed oblivious to how Gerry’s chest had started to rise and fall rapidly.

Gerrard ‘umm-ed’ and ‘ahh-ed’ for a bit as he carefully took the glass out of Gerry’s foot and placed it in a dish.

Gerrard did nothing to stop him and lent over to kiss him before Gerry shook his head. ’ And Gerry decided that rather than answer, he would prolong the confusion.

If anything made him fall in love with this surfer-dude doctor, that was it.He pushed in a few more times, each time rewarded by Gerrard’s stifled moans.Concluding he’d done enough to ensure that the doctor would show up at the bar, Gerry pulled the top of the Americans as a race, had never really interested Dr Martin Roche.He didn’t even know if Gerrard was interested in him but…“Right, we’re all fixed up,” Gerrard said, interrupting Gerry’s thoughts, as he applied the last part of the bandage to his foot.“I suggest you try to stay off it for a while and apply some alcohol to the affected area.

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