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She is described as having the two cardinal characteristics needed for one of the most grueling races. Almaz Ayana is known for her relentless pace and agility.

Ayana just became the female hero for all those younger athletes who one day, dream of Olympic glory. The Ethiopian long-distance runner was born November 21, 1991. She competed up against Genzebe Dibaba –considered the greatest female middle-distance runner of all time, and who had beaten her this season on numerous occasions. Almaz Ayana competes in the 3000 metres,5000 metres, and 10000 metres events. Almaz Ayana broke the previous record set in 1993 by finishing in 29 minutes, 17.45 seconds. Ayana, the second fastest in history at 5,000 meters, is new to the 10,000. Her Olympic title and world record was only her second time contesting the distance. She is the 5000 m World Champion Bronze Medallist 2013.

Almaz History The changing configurations of the Almaz military space station throughout its long year history.

Seu Jorge and Almaz is out in North America on July 27th which coincides with the start of the band’s three week North American tour.

The album will be released – with bonus tracks – in Europe on September 14th; a two-week European tour is scheduled for late October.

Combat equipment included a space-to-space gun, which was tested in orbit.

In the end the station officially proved that manned systems were not a cost-effective method for space reconnaissance and targeting.

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